Ryan Gosling is ALIVE In The Nice Guys Trailer

This frankly looks hilarious.

After debuting a poster last week, Warner Bros. have dropped a trailer for Shane Black's (Iron Man 3, Lethal Weapon) latest comedy noir, The Nice Guys. The flick looks hilarious, with Russell Crowe as rough-and-tumble enforcer Jackson Healy and Ryan Gosling as hapless P.I. Holland March. Take a look at all the morbid humour below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ihb8vCrj2kc Crowe and Gosling look right at home in the film's 1970s aesthetics, and look set to pop some great chemistry off the screen (even though Crowe looks to be a little tired behind the eyes and heavyset - although whether that was a method acting choice or not, I don't know). What's obvious here is a lot of the style, smarts and energy from Shane Black's previous Los Angeles P.I.-based tale, Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, which heralded Robert Downey Jr's return to Hollywood's good graces back in 2005 - one of two favours Downey repaid to Black by recommending him for the Iron Man 3 job (the second favour was Shane Black being the guy to suggest Downey as Tony Stark to Marvel in the first place, which is a fun fact not many people know). As long as Black keeps that funny bone intact from Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang and Iron Man 3 intact, then we're going to be in for a good time with The Nice Guys. The Nice Guys is released in the US on 20th May and in the UK on 3rd June 2016.

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