Ryan Reynolds & Kristen Stewart visit Adventureland

The movie should put Ryan Reynolds out of the running for the role of Kirk in Star Trek.

Ryan Reynolds becoming the new Captain Kirk for the Star Trek reboot have probably been dashed today, as Variety report he has signed up to star in Adventureland which should put him out of the running. The movie is a follow-up to the mega hit Superbad for director Gregg Mottola, who this time has also wrote the movie's script. Set in the summer of 1987, the film centers on a uptight college graduate (Jesse Eisenberg) who can't afford his dream Before Sunrise-like European tour and must instead take a minimum-wage job at the local amusement park. The film focuses on the comedic happenings at the park and actually him falling in love. See - you don't have to travel Europe to find someone like Julie Delpy. Enough of the Delpy references right? She ain't even in this movie - the role of his love interest will be played by Kristen Stewart, the 17 year old lead actress who led The Messengers earlier this year. Shooting begins in Pittsburgh next month which should certainly put Reynolds out of the running for Kirk (although he was at least 3 years too old anyway for what they wanted) but he should be wrapped well before the Justice League movie begins filming. Some rumors suggest he could end up being the new Batman whilst he himself has expressed interest in playing The Flash many times. Boy, I really don't envy those guys casting Superman, Batman and The Flash. Three pretty iconic characters right there, although I guess the casting sessions of Wonder Woman might be fun!

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