Sales Art Poster For Robert Rodriguez's Machete Kills

Robert Rodriguez is planning an April shoot for his follow-up to the Danny Trejo starring B-movie action fest.

As we heard this week, Robert Rodriguez is planning an April shoot for Machete Kills, his follow-up to the Danny Trejo starring 2010 B-movie action fest that the rumour is he will direct himself this time. Thanks to Coming Soon, we now have our first look at the sales art that is being used to promote the film at the European Film Market in Berlin this week. You can see the artwork below... Machete Kills will find our title character hired by the U.S. government and ordered to travel down to Mexico to battle a madman cartel and eccentric billionaire arms dealer who wants to start World War III. Sounds like a plot for a James Bond movie and wouldn€™t you know it, just like Moonraker took James Bond into space, Machete Kills secret weapon to start this global war is planted in space. Will we see €˜Machete in Space€™? We do already know that Rodriguez is planning a trilogy third entry which at times has either been referred to as 'Machete Kills Again' or more tellingly 'Machete Kills Again... in Space'. Rodriguez has also threatened including a Grindhouse style faux trailer for Machete Kills Again... in Space mid-way through this movie. You can read more on Machete Kills from this week's announcement of the sequel, HERE.
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