Sam Raimi should direct GHOSTBUSTERS 3

My advice is to ditch Spider-Man 4 to bust some ghosts with Bill Murray and co.

We are now less than two full days away from 2010, the year that Harold Ramis once again told us this week will see a long-awaited third Ghostbusters movie start filming. Next summer, to be completely accurate, is when filming is expected to begin. If Ramis is correct, then we should be just weeks away from finding out who is going to direct the picture. Ivan Reitman, the director of the two live-action movies to date and producer of this third installment has recently become firm favourite, with the cast seemingly agreeing that he will have first refusal on the project. It's difficult to believe he would let anyone else handle his baby and as long as Columbia are happy with giving it back to Reitman despite his recent failures, then I can't see anyone else being hired. But ever since I saw Drag Me To Hell, and I'm know I'm retreading on familiar ground, but I can't let it go - I've had this fascination with seeing Sam Raimi direct this picture. If you can cast your mind back to last May, he was on my list of potential directors for the movie but as the months and months have gone on, he's become, I guess, my only choice. Throw out the rest, he's the man I wanna see make this. Now we understand that there's been problems brewing over Spider-Man 4 this month. With all the evidence gathered, it seems unlikely that Sony are going to let Raimi make the movie he wants to make. They don't have any faith in The Vulture as the main villain, no matter who Raimi wants to play him, so screw them, move onto to something else. If Raimi makes that movie now he will probably turn in another tired movie like Spider-Man 3, and we've just him back making great movies again, so this just won't do. Just watch the above scene (sadly it cuts off just before it gets even better but I couldn't find longer version online). Raimi could bring a deeper edge to the Ghostbusters horror/comedy franchise with bigger set pieces, a creepy atmospheric and flurid state of dread that would be well suited to what we know the series. The humour of the original cast and the directing sensibilities of Raimi, seems on paper to be a good match. Of course The Evil Dead franchise is evidence enough of this but I'm telling ya, with Drag Me To Hell, what he can do with a bigger studio budget - man, I was so pissed when American audiences didn't fully appreciate it. I imagine Raimi's Ghostbusters 3 to be a riot. I wish he would give up and let someone else ruin Spidey for Sony and give Reitman a call. I'm sure he would be ready to believe you. At OWF, we have been putting the pieces together for the forthcoming movie at our newly created Ghostbusters 3 dedication page, which I will endeavour to keep updated with all the latest developments. Meanwhile, Michael Cera has reportedly told People magazine that he would "love" a part in the new movie. He of course remains one of the leading favourites to play Oscar, the son of Sigourney Weaver's character Dana Barrett who will be a Ghostbuster in the film.

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