Sam Smith's Spectre Theme Unveiled (Sounds Suspiciously Like "Earth Song")

The Writing's On The Wall.

After Adele made the last Bond theme tune sound like she was singing about Scaffold, Sam Smith had a lot of expectation heaped on his shoulders ahead of the official unveiling of his latest addition to the canon. The predecessor won Adele an Oscar, a Golden Globe, Grammy and a Brit Award and it did well in the charts, so the shoes he's stepping into aren't exactly small. The song, which first played on BBC One's Breakfast Show (you're forgiven for not listening to it, because you're probably not a hyperactive 17 year old boy with a top knot), is easily identifiable as a Bond theme. There are all of the usual Bondian flourishes - piano key changes, soaring strings, and a massive chorus, which seems to be aimed at some sort of love interest (despite the fact that Bond doesn't make long-lasting romantic attachments). Here it is - two minutes of official Bond sounds... Is anyone else getting a strong Michael Jackson "Earth Song" vibe? All in all, it's not at all bad. It's not the best modern Bond theme - Chris Cornell did that one - but it's certainly far from the worst (Jack White and Alicia Keys' "Another Way To Die"). Probably top three of the post-Timothy Dalton era, in fact. Which suggests that the film itself is going to be good, given that there's a direct correlation between how good the theme tune is and how good the film is. Which is also precisely why The Living Daylights is clearly the best Bond film. What do you think of "Writing's On The Wall"? Share your thoughts below.
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