Sam Worthington in talks for G.I. JOE

Avatar star in talks for Paramount's big budget G.I. Joe picture.

Variety article describing the situation with the writers strike is the news that Aussie actor Sam Worthington is in talks for G.I. Joe but it's not known at this time what role he is up for. I don't know much about Joe, so you guys will have to help me out on this one. Could he be Duke as previously linked with Mark Wahlberg and just yesterday George Clooney.. or at 31 is he too young? Worthington is the lead in James Cameron's Avatar, his biggest role to date after appearing in Somersault and previously small roles in flicks like Hart's War. A February 13th filming start date has been annouced, so I guess we should start heaving more concrete news in the future. Worthington is very much an unknown at this point, but Cameron see's something in him for Avatar, so the kid must have some talent. Some say the budget for the movie has exceeded $160 million. Does this picture need a star like Clooney or do you think it can survive without an A-List actor like Transformers did?

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