Samuel L. Jackson developing The Long Kiss Goodnight 2?

long_kiss_goodnight_ver1.jpgRenny Harlin's 1996 action thriller The Long Kiss Goodnight is easily the best film from a director who is big on explosions and action set pieces, but small on actual story development. It's actually become a film I would regularly watch when it screens on TV, it's great comic book style entertainment. Starring Samuel L. Jackson and the lovely Geena Davis, the movie was Harlin's quick attempt to banish the memory of Cutthroat Island one year earlier, which also starred Davis who was his wife at the time. Now comes word from MTV, that Jackson is developing a sequel to the film along with it's original helmer...
€œWe sort of have a development project now for €˜The Long Kiss Goodnight 2... We€™re talking to writers, you know, getting it together,€
That development sadly doesn't involve Geena Davis and is instead going to follow her character's now grown up daughter Catlin, who has been killed and she searches to find out who did it. Shitty idea for the film and with no Davis = no paid ticket from me to see it. source - coming soon
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