Samuel L. Jackson is narrating INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS

The narrator plays a great role in Quentin Tarantino's INGLORIOUS BASTERDS. He is the see all, knows all. He is the voice of reason, the voice of the past and the future. The voice who is evil because he knows the truth far more clearly than any of the other characters. He's only used briefly in the script but he is effective in small doses. The news which seemingly is 100% solid from the inside contacts of The Playlist is that Tarantino favourite Samuel L. Jackson has nabbed the role of the narrator after calling Quentin, asking him why he wrote no parts from him in this film. It's a similar situation for Jackson as to what happened on KILL BILL where the movie didn't warrant a place for him but Quentin found a way to include him as the piano player at the wedding chapel. I would suggest Jackson is too recognisable to be the cold voice of reason but who am I to tell Quentin what to do and besides as he has been the first to mention in the past... no-one does Quentin dialogue quite like Jackson. I know Tarantino is a huge fan of THE KILLING by Stanley Kubrick, his crime gangster movie RESERVOIR DOGS was almost a full out homage to that mid 50's classic. I happen to love it too... I think that's where he got his idea for the narrator from for his WWII epic. In THE KILLING, the voice is always one step ahead of everyone and is the only one who gets out alive. It's sure effective, giving the events a documentary feel. The site have also learnt that Hong Kong born actress Maggie Cheung (2046, HERO) will play French matron Madame Mimieux (it's ok, apparently she can speak French!), the significant character in the screenplay who gives shelter to the a jew French girl on the run from the Nazi's. Said girl is played by the gorgeous Melanie Laurent who has a terrific role here that could seriously make her the new Audrey Tautou. Now I know what your thinking. How can a Chinese woman be living in Nazi occupied France during WW-II and own a thriving German favourite cinema? Well... remember this movie is really INGLORIOUS BASTERDS: ONCE UPON A TIME IN NAZI OCCUPIED FRANCE. (though it won't carry that subtitle... except for a chapter heading). "Once Upon a Time" - i.e. It's Tarantino's fantasy. Is this to be the last bit of casting for the movie or is Quentin going to add a few more cameo's here and there? Last we heard, the movie earlier in the week was filming in the small town of Nauen in Germany. source - filmstalker

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