Samuel L. Jackson Vs King Kong On Skull Island!

"I'm Sick Of These Motherf**king Apes On This Motherf**king Island"

It€™s only been a few weeks since Michael Keaton and J.K Simmons left T-rex sized holes in the cast of Legendary€™s Kong: Skull Island, but it seems two new Hollywood behemoths are ready to bridge the gap. Empire Online is reporting that both Samuel L. Jackson (Hollywood€™s busiest man) and Tom Wilkinson are in talks for the blockbuster. Jackson is reportedly filling Simmons€™ shoes (word on the street is he€™s a bad guy), whilst Wilkinson will take on another prominent role, albeit not the one left by Keaton. Keaton and Simmons are a little more excitingly placed in the zeitgeist right now following their turns in some of last year€™s best movies, but there€™s no denying Wilkinson and Jackson can be the bomb. They certainly have the big credits (Sam Jackson is famously in every movie, ever) and might even lend much needed expertise to director Jordan Vogt-Roberts, making his studio debut here.
Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts (who helmed 2012€™s gorgeous indie The Kings of Summer) will hopefully seek to unleash something a little less steeped in old school tradition than Peter Jackson€™s reverential King Kong remake, whilst staying rooted in character, where his past credits have flourished. That said, I don€™t think we need to go full 21 Jump Street with a deconstructionist take on the monster movie. Jurassic World handily proved that a sense of fun and nostalgia is all you need to cook up some serious fan love. Whatever way the film-maker tilts, he€™s accrued a pair of stellar veterans to torment with dinosaurs, apes and if you recall the 2005 remake€large penis monsters.
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