Sausage Party Review: 5 Ups And 5 Downs

If this was only twenty minute long it'd be a masterpiece.

Sausage Party Ups Downs
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I don't think any movie in recent memory has had me hooked on its premise alone quite like Sausage Party. It was the subversive anti-Pixar flick, a movie with the pitch of perfectly replicating the kids' animations that habitually dominate the box office, only with profanity, violence, drug use and, oddly given the character's nature, sex.

At first it actually sounded like a joke, as if Seth Rogen had said he'd make a movie about foodstuffs discovering the truth of their existence in an attempt to see if the internet would lap it up, but nope, it's real.

Unfortunately, all the gags about it being something Rogen and Evan Goldberg cooked up while contemplating the nature of the chips they chowing down while high seem to be far too close to the truth. While the film does have some really strong elements on it, for the most it's a rather typical scattershot comedy that, once you get the novel underlying idea you've seen many times before. Here's five ups and five downs from Sausage Party.


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