Saw Quiz: How Did These Jigsaw Victims Die?

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Saw is unquestionably one of the greatest horror movie franchises of all time, delivering a multitude of creatively gnarly kills across its increasingly ridiculous eight installments to date.

For most fans, the allure of these movies has always been the ingenuity of the traps Jigsaw comes up with, which almost always result in the victim's grisly demise.

But given that close to 100 lives have been claimed over the course of the franchise, you'd be forgiven for not quite remembering how every single one of those poor saps met their maker.

And so, it's time to test the extent of your Saw fandom with this multiple choice quiz. With a single glimpse at some of Jigsaw's victims, can you remember the grim means through which they died?

From iconic characters to meat shields whose names you barely remember, these are nevertheless some of the more memorable death scenes from the franchise.

The answers, as ever, are at the end. Live or die, make your choice...

1. Detective Steven Sing

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