Scarlett & Storm Shadow cast in G.I. JOE!

Want some more casting for G.I. JOE? A quick update for you guys. Before today we knew that Sienna Miller had been cast as the Baroness and that Ray Park was brilliantly cast as Snake Eyes, with Sam Worthington in talks for an unknown role. Now we can add two more thanks to Latino Review... They say 37 year old Korean star Byung-hun Lee has been cast as Storm Shadow, a ninja bodyguard and assassin who is also Snake-Eye's brother and is known for changing his allegiance frequently. The character is usually seen wearing a white uniform and in the series canon, he was Japanese. You will have seen Lee (who is a bit of an icon in Korea apparentaly) in JUNGDOK, Chan-wook Park's JSA and his likeness was fully rendered for the video game LOST PLANET. He can next be seen in the Korean flick that Josh Hartnett has been out filming titled I COME WITH THE RAIN.

Lee Byung Hun2

The other casting news is that of Scarlett O'Hara who the site claim has been given to 27 year old American actress Rachel Nichols. The tall actress (5"10) you may remember as Rachel Gibson in ALIAS, but she's done a couple of movies too most noticeably the horror flicks P2 and THE AMITYVILLE HORROR. She has also been cast in STAR TREK but it's believed she will not be Janice Rand as we previously speculated. She no longer carries the red hair as illustrated below, but I'm sure she can dye it back. O'Hara was the first female figure in the toy line and whose weapon of choice is the crossbow and is known for her counter intelligence skills...


So there you have it, G.I. JOE fans I once again leave it up to you to let me know whether all this is good or bad news. The movie is set to open in August 2009 and will no doubt be one of the biggest movies of that year, from director Stephen Sommers (THE MUMMY, VAN HELSING) and the studio that brought us TRANSFORMERS this year.
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