Scorsese, Day-Lewis, Del Toro, Bernal. Nuff said.

How does Daniel Day-Lewis re-teaming with his GANGS OF NEW YORK director Martin Scorsese sound? Variety say the legendary director is "determined" to make an adaptation of Shusaku Endo's novel SILENCE as his next movie and is aggressively pursuing Day-Lewis to lead. If Scorsese gets his way, Benicio del Toro and THE MOTORCYCLE DIARIES actor Gael Garcia Bernal (who both played Che Guevara recently) will co-star for what already is a cast of epic size. We were told of Scorsese's interest in making the film back in Sept. 2006 based on a script written by his writer on GANGS OF NEW YORK and THE AGE OF INNOCENCE...

The story is set in sixteenth century Japan and deals with Japanese feudal lords, the persecution of Christians, the torturing of priests, and dangerous journeys.
The movie is expected to begin production later this year with New Zealand being disguised as Japan. You weren't sure of American and English actors starring as Nazi's in VALKYRIE? How about actors from the West playing Japanese feudal lords?

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