Scorsese turns to "Silence"

scorsese.jpgMartin Scorsese'sThe Departed opens next weekend and it looks way WAY WAY too cool to put into words. But what next for the legendary director? Well according to Production Weekly, his next movie will be an adaptation of Japanese writer Shusaku Endo's novel Silence. Apparentaly Scorsese has been wanting to shoot this movie for around a decade but has put it off to work on Gangs of New York, The Aviator and most recently The Departed. Plot info of the novel from Cinema Blend... "The story is set in sixteenth century Japan and deals with Japanese feudal lords, the persecution of Christians, the torturing of priests, and dangerous journeys". This sounds like a cool new direction for Scorsese, i'm anxious to see what he would do with a 16th century feudal Japan. Although having said that, his historical take on Gangs of New York wasn't so succesful was it? And there isn't much chance of his boy Leonardo Di Caprio starring in this movie, the main characters are portugese. source - production weekly, cinema blend
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