SCOTT PILGRIM on Blu-ray will be a KO!

It isn€™t often that I do an advanced notice of a Blu-ray release, but I feel the need to stem some of the tide of negativity that has met Edgar Wright€™s Scott Pilgrim vs The World (even from my editor!) and try and whip up a little more (deserved) excitement over the coming DVD and Blu-Ray release on 27th December. The clever chaps in charge of the PR for the releases have also pointed out this brand new Blu-ray trailer, which gets me almost as excited to see it in high-definition and with its incredible looking selection of extras as I did when I first saw the theatrical trailer first time round€ I am a big believer in the hyper-reality of film: occasionally, I don't just want to see a grim realist picture that makes my brain ache (though my Mr Hyde side yearns for that too), I want opulence and extravagance (hence my anticipation for the Moulin Rouge blu-ray) and I want something that is both visually arresting and highly provocative for my imagination. That's why I love Tim Burton. And that's why I love video games. Which in a way is why I love Scott Pilgrim- and you should too- the film is the most perfect translation of one aspect of the gamer universe (the game references in there are flaming well EVERYWHERE), and it revels in its self-conscious geekdom. It's a story set somewhere entirely different, somewhere other, and the style and even the much-hated tweeness reflect a hyperbolically-charged version of our own hum-drum reality. So, I'll crow about the Blu-ray release to anyone who will listen. Blu-ray and DVD Special Features:DVD Disc 1: Deleted Scenes with optional commentary by Director / Co-Writer Edgar Wright Scott Pilgrim vs. The Outtakes Photo Galleries Trivia Track Audio Commentaries: Feature Commentary with Director / Co-Writer Edgar Wright, Co-Writer Michael Bacall and Author Bryan Lee O' Malley. Technical Commentary with Edgar Wright and Bill Pope Cast Commentary: Michael Cera; Jason Schwartzman; Mary Elizabeth Winstead; Ellen Wong & Brandon Routh Cast Commentary: Anna Kendrick; Aubrey Plaza; Kieran Culkin & Mark Webber DVD Disc 2: Alternate Edits Bits & Pieces Making Of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Music Featurette You Too Can Be Sex Bob-omb Music Videos Osymyso Sound Work VFX Before and After Pre-Production Footage Scott Pilgrim vs. The Censors Adult Swim: Scott Pilgrim vs. The Animation Phantom Montage Roxy Fight / Ribbon Version Trailers TV Spots Easter Eggs Additional Blu-ray Special Features: Blogs U-control: Storyboard Picture in Picture BD Live- enabled BD Live pre-roll trailers pocket BLU„ enabled
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