Scott says Deckard is a replicant?

Blade Runner's theatrical release is the question "Is Deckard a replicant?". For the longest time I've always thought he was. It made sense for the character, it answered the question of why he was so dark and brooding all the time and I like the idea that humans are not so different from the 'half-human' world. I thought that it was a big mistake in Alex Proya's geeky fun I, Robot movie when they showed Will Smith's robotic arm that they should have made him a robot... which would again explain why he hated them so much and was so desperate to see them extinct. He resented the fact that he was actually one of them, when all along he wanted to be human so he disguised himself as such and almost made himself believe he was one. Now, with the new release of Ridley Scott's final cut of the film this December, many people are wondering whether what ends up on screen from Scott will heavily indicate whether he is a replicant or not? Well, some preview clips from the DVD have turned up online (all of which you can see for yourselves here) but the one below is the most interesting. Although I don't quite understand why this is the case, Scott (possibly with a jokingly smirk) possibly gives us a 'George Lucas' revisionist answer to the age old question of Deckard's true identity....

Can anyone explain to me how that is show from that explanation? I still think the movie is so much better for being ambiguous and letting each person come up with their own conclusions and that's all my opinion of him being a replicant is... just my opinion. Whether you want to believe he isn't one is up to you and don't let what Ridley Scott says some 25 years later change your stance on the matter.

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