Scream: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Ghostface

9. Ghostface Has A Sick Sense Of Humour

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The Scream franchise might all seem very dark and twisted and Ghostface's motives are definitely right up their in terms of weight as any other serial killers you may know, but really Ghostface is all about the laughs, apparently.

That's if you ask the producers of the film, anyway, who had to convince the MPAA that the film was more of a comedy than a horror in order to allow them an R rating ahead of its release rather than the limiting NC-17 it looked destined for. Even the title was changed from Scary Movie to try and convey that it had more elements of satire and black comedy in it.

When he was asked to cut some of the opening murder of Drew Barrymore, Craven even lied to say he only had one take of it so he couldn't provide an alternate cut. Luckily for him, that didn't stop the MPAA giving him his R.

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