Scream: 20 WTF Moments

Breaking down every wild twist and turn.

Scream 2022

Fans have been waiting a damn long time for it, but the fifth Scream film - both oddly and aptly titled just "Scream" - is finally out now around the world.

The general consensus from critics and fans alike is that it's pretty good, if perhaps not reaching the high standard set by the terrific first two movies. It's basically on a par with Scream 4 and certainly much, much better than Scream 3.

The marketing for the movie thankfully played things pretty coyly, ensuring that fans were able to experience the film's big shocks and surprises for themselves unspoiled.

And it goes without saying that, this being a Scream movie, it's certainly not your garden variety slasher flick: this movie gets wild and then some.

From hilariously meta gags that gleefully wink at the audience, to savagely brutal death scenes, insane killer reveals, and everything in-between, this sequel sure doesn't leave fans wanting for crazy, hilarious, or grisly moments.

Such is the anarchic spirit that has kept the franchise popular and relevant over a quarter-century as others have come and gone. These are the new Scream's biggest, funniest, and most WTF moments...

20. The Opening Scene Remakes The Original Scream (But Tara Survives)

Scream 2022

As many fans suspected, Scream opens with what is effectively a quasi-remake of the iconic opening scene from the original Scream, with Drew Barrymore's Casey Becker subbed out for new victim Tara Carpenter (Jenna Ortega).

Much of the setup is the same, albeit with a few modern technological twists, such as Tara's home having smart-locks, and Ghostface DM'ing her a video of her friend Amber (Mikey Madison), who they threaten to kill.

Tara must partake in a trivia game, much like Casey, in order to save Amber's life, and though she gets a few answers right, she fails to identify Stu Macher (Matthew Lillard) as the second killer in the original Stab movie.

As a result, Ghostface breaks into Tara's home and brutally attacks her, stomping her leg, stabbing her through the hand and then stabbing her in the torso a few times.

The big surprise, however, is that we learn in the next scene that Tara actually survived her encounter with Ghostface, rather than being strung up with her guts hung out like poor, sweet Casey. That's what you call subversion.

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