SCREAM 4 Gets R-Rating, Refered To As 'Crazy Violent'

There was some concern recently that the April 14th opening fourth iteration in the joyously violent Scream series would tone down on the blood 'n' gore in the hopes that it could bring in a younger teen audience than its predecessors. But don't worry horror fans, it's time to celebrate because those rumours have been well and truly (thankfully) quashed today. The MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) have granted the sequel a firm R Rating for "strong bloody violence, language and some teen drinking." In the UK this will presumably translate to a BBFC classification of 18. Bloody Disgusting have heard the new Scream is 'crazy violent' and I guess this R-Rating is confirmation of that. GOOD - I say... The movie is about a serial killer after all . Back in 1996, the original Scream was repeatedly submitted to the MPAA after receiving an NC-17 rating, which forbids anyone below the age of 17 from purchasing a ticket. The movie was then downgraded to an R, a rating (despite some truly horrific moments that will surprise you if you revisit) which was also bestowed upon its two sequels.

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