Scream: Every Killer Ranked From Worst To Best

Ranking every single killer from all six Scream movies.

Scream 2 Mickey
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For all of its ups and downs, Scream is easily one of the most consistent slasher franchises going, with even the lesser entries into the series still being totally watchable and never descending into outright awfulness.

And unlike, say, Halloween, Friday the 13th, or A Nightmare on Elm Street, the killer is always somebody different, the Ghostface mantle being adopted by a new flesh-and-blood human being, rather than an unkillable supernatural force returning from the void.

It's a formula that's kept Scream popular for almost 30 years, and with the now-released Scream VI, the franchise has quite the sizable rogues gallery of Ghostface killers.

The Scream fandom certainly has diverse perspective on which killers come out on top and which slide to the bottom of the pack, and so with Scream VI now in the rear-view, it's time to reconsider where the various murderers rank.

Are the O.G. duo still the best, or have they been superseded by others? And how exactly do Scream VI's killers rank among the lot?

To reiterate, MAJOR SPOILERS WILL FOLLOW for Scream VI if you haven't had a chance to see it yet...

13. Ethan Landry (Scream VI)

Scream 2 Mickey

Scream VI suffers the unfortunate indignity of featuring by far the most killers in the franchise to date, all of whom are sadly bottom-tier villains.

Coming in at dead last we have Ethan Landry (Jack Champion), the secret brother of Richie Kirsch (Jack Quaid) who conspired with his family to avenge his fallen sibling.

Ethan is hidden in plain sight for the bulk of the movie, with Mindy (Jasmin Savoy Brown) making numerous cracks about him definitely being the killer, all in an attempt by the writers to deflect actual suspicion away from him.

But ultimately he's the most perfunctory of all the Ghostfaces - as fun as the idea of three killers was, he didn't really add much at all.

While his accomplice-sister Quinn (Liana Liberato) served more of an overt purpose and had a little more personality, Ethan was basically a nothingburger antagonist memorable only for dying the same way Stu (Matthew Lillard) did - and dying a virgin.


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