Scum of the Earth - 7 Herschell Gordon Lewis Films

18.02.2013goregore I gave Lucio Fulci the hallowed God of Horror treatment and now it is time to give Herschell Gordon Lewis the Titan of Trash treatment. Herschell Gordon Lewis is a name that will conjure up many a smile on the face of trash fans. I first came across his films back in the 1980s when I was a child and I stayed up late. On Channel Four there was a show called The Incredibly Strange Film Show with Jonathan Ross interviewing Lewis about his work. They showed footage of The Wizard of Gore and I nearly crapped my pants (I was about 8/9 years old). Over the years I found out more about The Godfather of Gore and his works and I fell in love with them - their shoddy direction, whacked out scores, 5th rate acting, outrageous gore and lunatic humour produce a heady brew which is infectious for lovers of cinematic garbage Intellectuals get thee gone and cheese mongers take my hand, as we walk down the path of 7 H G Lewis films...

7. Colour Me Blood Red (1965)

colours Another Lewis gore fest and again more nonsense a go go. This time featuring a crazed artist who cannot find the proper shade of red he needs to paint with. Cue much throwing about of half finished pieces of work until he accidentally finds out that human blood is the perfect shade of red! Of course, this brings in ample opportunity for murder and gore as the artist kills people to finish his paintings using their blood. Eventually though some clever people cotton on to his capers and his lunacy is stopped by a shotgun blast in the face. If you are a hardcore horror film, forget about Colour Me Blood Red. It will not satisfy you. Go and watch Martyrs or Antichrist. Colour Me Blood Red is for those of us who love cheesiness in our direction and acting, diabolical dialogue, third rate gore - all of the elements that make classic Grindhouse Z grade movies. Much laughter ahoy for H G Lewis enthusiasts!

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