Sean Penn in talks for Liman's FAIR GAME

Two days after picking up his second Academy Award, MILK actor Sean Penn is said to be in talks to join Doug Liman's (THE BOURNE IDENITY, JUMPER) new thriller FAIR GAME according to Variety. The movie would reunite Penn with his 21 GRAMS and ASSASSINATION OF RICHARD NIXON co-star Naomi Watts. Penn is in talks for the role of Ambassador Joseph Wilson, a guy who watched his wife's CIA status become compromised after he wrote op-ed columns that accused the Bush Administration of manipulating intelligence about weapons of mass destruction to justify the invasion of Iraq. Watts plays the outed former C.I.A. member Valerie Plame. You can read about the fascinating true story of Plame... RIGHT HERE... but it's too much to go into on this site. Penn previously starred in the political thriller THE INTERPRETER and is close to William Pohlad whose River Road studio are financing the picture. Pohlad has produced Terrence Malick's upcoming film TREE OF LIFE (which stars Penn) and financed Penn's INTO THE WILD.

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