Sean William Scott reunites with Richard Kelly for The Box?

If talks go well, actor will re-team with his Southland Tales director for the movie based on a short story by Richard Matheson.

Richard Kelly is in talks with Sean William Scott for his next movie The Box. Scott revealed the details in an interview with Reelz Channel and if negotiations go well, Scott will be working with Kelly for the second movie in the row after Southland Tales... which audiences will finally get to see in September. The Box is based around a Richard Matheson short story which ended up as an episode of The Twilight Zone in the 60's. Kelly's remake will see Cameron Diaz in her first ever horror movie and revolves around a couple that come into possession of a box that gives money each time it's button is pressed. There is of course a small catch and that's every time the button is pressed... someone dies. You can't get money for free ya know these days! Oddly, Scott and Diaz actually make a good couple in my head. I think they actually could have some great chemistry so maybe this casting isn't all that bad. Scott has done horror before and I kinda felt sorry for his character in Final Destination when death hung over him, so maybe he can do this material and not make us think of all those lame comedies he has starred in over the last couple of years. In the interview, Scott described The Box as...

"interesting and weird. It's gonna be a movie that people either love or hate. And I kinda like those films."
Well I guess that sums up Donnie Darko but I'm not seeing much love for Southland Tales. Quite the opposite infact. An intense dislike from those who have seen it might be more accurate. source - bloody disgusting

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