Second helping of Lee's Inside Man

0327f-insideman2-courtesy.jpgSpike Lee is in talks to direct a sequel to his own crime thriller Inside Man that came out earlier this year. It's no surprise the studio's want a sequel, the movie made $184 million profit worldwide, the most financially successful film of Lee's career. Talk is he is already working on the script with Russell Gewirtz who wrote the original movie, but they are keen to keep details of the sequel underwraps with no word on which members of the original cast will return. The trailers for Inside Man didn't do much for me, it looked like the sort of movie that came out ten years ago... a rather sub standard boring thriller. And of course is had Clive Owen in. Although recently I've been more inclined to see it after the generally good reviews and good word of mouth the film garnered from people I know. For those who have seen the film, is it the type of movie that warrants a sequel? It sure didn't look like it to me. source - variety, coming soon
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