Second Trailer For Hot Pursuit With Sofia Vergara And Reese Witherspoon

This film seems to be juggling all sorts of oddness.

My mind has been well and truly boggled by this second promo for Hot Pursuit. Rather than being an innocuous, throwaway comedy promo in the vein of some kind of Paul Blart movie, this film seems to be juggling all sorts of oddness. First of all there's the scene with the chap who shoots himself while watching one woman draw another into some mock-lesbianism. This first inspires his gun to go off accidentally (and I'm sure they know what they're doing there) and then provokes him to say some weird, arrogant and chauvinist nonsense on TV. Then later there's a scene where Reese Witherspoon cross-dresses as a man and gets her breasts frisked. And also a bit where Sofia Vergara mocks Reese Witherspoon's underwear as if she's wearing some sort of embarrassing granny panties. Pretty much every scene in that trailer could be a starting point for some kind of knotty think piece on 'Feminism in Modern Cinema.' A sharp academic is going to write a dissertation on this film and its gender representations. They could probably get a whole chapter out of the fact that it was written by men and directed by a woman. So, Hot Pursuit looks... interesting. US audiences will get to make it into a Heat-sized hit on May 8th, while the UK will be waiting until July 31st.
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