See Chris Hemsworth's Receptionist In His Ghostbusting Uniform

New snap shows the receptionist in a jumpsuit (and on a bike).

Okay, here's something light and fun to get your Tuesday underway. A few months back we heard that Chris Hemsworth - in a truly inspired move - was signing on to play the role of the revamped Ghostbusters' receptionist. Last night a picture of Hemsworth in character leaked online, and it looks like he'll be doing slightly more than just answering phones. Well, that's all but met my wildest expectations. He looks like the best sort of lovable oaf. The snap was taken during the filming of a scene, and second to that unbelievably goofy grin, the most prominent feature is the character's uniform. Maybe Hemsworth's receptionist is a little more hands on with the ghoul containment than his predecessor, or perhaps they're filming some sort of disastrous audition piece to join the team? Hemsworth has a really acute aptitude for vacant buffoonery (see this week's Vacation), so I'm expecting something gloriously dumb. It would be pretty fantastic to have Hemsworth unwittingly demoted to secretarial duties following displays of startling ineptitude, or hired as part of a gender diversity in the workplace gag. Either way, he'll be getting up from behind that desk at some point. Ghostbusters opens 15th July 2016.
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