See The Trailer For The Best Film Of 2016 (Probably) - Hail, Caesar

The Coens have done it again.

2015's not even over and it looks like we already have a winner for Movie of the Year 2016. The trailer for Hail, Caesar, the Coen brother's latest, has just dropped and I don't think any other tease for an upcoming movie has got my expectations so high (well, expect Star Wars, but I'm so giddy for The Force Awakens that excitement for that has basically become my average state). Part Golden Age of Hollywood satire, part caper, Hail, Caesar centres on Josh Brolin's celebrity scandal fixer, who must deal with the usual indiscretions on top of the kidnapping of star of the eponymous movie-within-a-movie (George Clooney) by a mysterious group. To say the Coens are currently on a roll implies that at any point they went off the boil (OK, we'll overlook The Ladykillers) but their recent output has been nothing short of outstanding - in fact, I'd go as far to call Inside Llewyn Davis their best film. They can make the most ridiculous of ideas - a remake of a John Wayne classic, the week in a life of a failing country singer - and turn them into gold. This is more out-and-out comic than some of their more recent films, but, hey, we know they can do funny. It's good looking (thank you Roger Deakins), it's got a killer cast and it's got a pair at the helm who could make a masterpiece in their sleep? Count me in. Hail Joel and Ethan and check out the trailer below. Hail, Caesar is in cinemas on 5th February 2016 (US) and 26th February 2016 (UK).
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