Seth Gordon calls HE-MAN script "awesome"

KING OF KONG director Seth Gordon whose romantic comedy FOUR CHRISTMASES opens today in the U.S. has told /film that he was very interested in directing GRAYSKULL: MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE before Warner Bros. gave the project last week to KUNG FU PANDA co-director John Stevenson. He claims he has read Justin Marks' script and loved it...

€œI read a He-Man script that was really good... It€™s great. It€™s pretty awesome. It€™s already been snatched up€ I was too slow to get to it, but its gonna be great. He-Man€™s origin story? C€™mon, that€™s going to be great!
Which points towards Stevenson using Justin Marks script after all, something we speculated last week might have been ditched. For Gordon, it's a good indication that he does have a ton of ambition in the industry and the seduction of working on a Hollywood romantic comedy with Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn is only to feel his way into the industry.

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