Seth MacFarlane To Reboot The Flintstones In 2013!

Family Guy fans and Flintstones fans are set to be united in excitement tonight (well I am at least) after Deadline announced that Seth MacFarlane, the creator and voice actor of stellar adult cartoon hits Family Guy, American Dad and The Cleveland Show, is set to turn his considerable talents to realising his dream and remaking The Flintstones for Fox. Fear not, this is not in reference to the big-screen adaptations, one of which was pretty fun (with John Goodman) and the other one not so much (with the chubby one out of The Full Monty) - it refers of course to the original Hanna Barbera cartoon that never seemed to be off the TV when I was a lad. MacFarlane, a fan of the pre-historic animation since an early age, says that the new show, slated for a 2013 kick-off will retain the original spirit of the show, but with some more modern touches:
The characters will look the same but the only thing that will change is the stories... What's the version of an Ipod?
Talking alongside Fox's President Kevin Reilly, the cartoon veteran confirmed that he was realising a dream, as Fred Flintstone was the first cartoon he ever drew, aged two:
So it€™s appropriate that events have come full circle, allowing me to produce the newest incarnation of this great franchise. Plus, I think America is finally ready for an animated sitcom about a fat stupid guy with a wife who€™s too good for him.
The one question that has to be answered really is how long until Fred Flintstone squares up against this guy...
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