Shyamalan struggling for work

131.jpgThere was a time when M.Night Shyamalan was the darling of Hollywood. After the success of The Sixth Sense, he became the hottest director around and he even managed to follow it up with a better movie in Unbreakable. I've spoken a little about his downfall before though, so I won't repeat myself here. The news today is that M.Night's latest script Green Planet has been turned down by every single studio except Fox who are said to still be "considering" it. It seems that after the bad press he received for how he acted with Lady in the Water with Disney, no-one wants to touch his script with a barge pole. To be honest, if I was them I would probably do the same thing. Shyamalan's name is more harmful now to a film than any director I can think of. His rejected script is apparently set around an alien invasion. Shyamalan's thinking is probably that his last successful movie was Signs, so why not try and go to that well again? I've said before, the guy is a far better director than he is a writer. Although Unbreakable and The Sixth Sense were superbly written movies, he blew his load after that and no longer has any narrative ideas. He needs to STOP WRITING SCRIPTS, and DIRECT SOMEONE ELSES MATERIAL and try to move as far away from his filmography, ego and press image as possible. He is far too talented to simply waste away. source - moviehole
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