Should Marvel Make An MCU Blade Movie?

Wesley Snipes is certainly game...

Blade Marvel Wesley Snipes

MarvelWhen it comes to deciding what projects come next for Marvel after the end of Phase 3, it's fair to say that Kevin Feige has an embarrassment of riches to choose from. It's likely we'll see some sequels (Guardians 3, Black Panther 2 and Captain Marvel 2 seem inevitable as well as a new Avengers movie), but it's also assured that we'll see some "new" stand-alones.

Hopefully, we'll finally see a rebirth for Hulk as a solo artist, maybe a third go at Ghost Rider (unless Netflix pick it up) and some entirely new characters (Sentry? Nova Corps?).

For Wesley Snipe, the best suggestion for Marvel's next announcement is - somewhat inevitably - a new Blade movie starring him. The actor took to Twitter last week to say he's game and there are irons in the fire:


Clearly, he's waiting for a call...


The enthusiasm is great, and the character does deserve another film, but is bringing him into the MCU really the best option?


Unfortunately for Snipes, it's unlikely Kevin Feige is going to sign off on bringing vampires into the MCU when it's mostly so removed from anything supernatural at all. The problem is that the franchise would inevitably seek to explain away the supernatural elements, adding science to vampirism in a way that would serve the MCU but not the spirit of Blade.

Obviously, vampires would mean we could see the likes of Morbius as a possibility for future Spider-Man movies, or Zombies for a future Avengers flick, or maybe even Fin Fang Foom for Iron Man 4, but that doesn't mean any of those would be a good idea. It all smacks a little too much of jumping the shark. If Kevin Feige signs off on it, I would be enormously surprised.

There's another possibility of course: that Marvel will make a non-MCU movie for Blade, emphasising that he lives in a different universe entirely, but the problem there is the MCU has massive brand power, and consciously avoiding that would be anti-marketing.

It's a hell of a conundrum: maybe Marvel just need to blur the lines between the natural and the supernatural and not cross Blade over with the rest of the heroes. But it would still make a hell of a lot more sense for them to do what they've done with the other spiritually problematic characters and licence him out to Netflix.

A supernatural Netflix series that pushes towards an R rating and ramps up the horror would not only fit the need to preserve the MCU's tone, but it would also take away censorship that would stifle Blade's appeal. Plus, it would a lot simpler to tie Blade's supernatural elements with those teased at the end of Daredevil season 2.

Would you like to see Blade added to the MCU? Share your reactions below in the comments thread.


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