Simon Pegg: 5 Awesome Performances And 5 That Sucked

The World's End

All movie geeks have a special place in their hearts for Simon Pegg. After all, he's one of us made good, a man who took his love of films and all other things geek and aimed to put them on the big screen. Usually with either Edgar Wright or Nick Frost, Pegg writes films with a distinctive wit and flair and practically brimming with in-jokes that appeal to genre fanatics, and then proceeds to act in them. Usually, this is a good thing €“ Pegg's roles tend to tap into this valuable everyman quality he possesses in spadefuls, as if he could be the bloke you run into down the pub. As befitting his status as a geek, he's a fitting antidote to some of the more airbrushed facets of Hollywood, with all its glitz and pretentiousness. He embodies what used to be counter-culture, and since that's become more accepted, he's been able to ride his love of B-movies, comics, games and films all the way to the bank. And more power to him, I say. Yet there's another side to this €“ like any other actor, Pegg has made some bad films over the years, the sort of things where you wonder why you sat down and gave up some hours of your life. Whether a result of a poor film, poor acting or poor choices, there's a couple of stinkers on that resume, and I'm going to be referencing them over the course of this article. Before I begin, I must point out that a SPOILER WARNING is in effect. So with that in mind, let's get down to it with this week's entry, 5 awesome performances and 5 that sucked in celebration of the UK release of The World's End;

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