Simon Pegg Answers Questions About Idris Elba's Role In Star Trek 3

So is Idris Elba playing a Klingon in the new Star Trek movie or what?

Idris Elba Star Trek 2 For a while, this interview with Simon Pegg seems to be generating straight answers. And then it doesn't. Ultimately, the whole thing is hard to read. Pegg was attending the Empire Awards last night, and his inquisitor, such as she is, was representing Absolute Radio. Rather than asking anything meaningful, or even trying to reconcile the Bryan Cranston and Idris Elba casting reports, she spat out one of last week's headlines and asked Pegg if it is true. So is Idris Elba playing a Klingon in the new Star Trek movie? In Pegg's words, "That's not true." And then he adds that there's a "rumour" Elba has been spoken to about being in the film. So far, this all seems like Pegg saying Elba's in some sort of negotiations, but he won't be playing a Klingon. And then it all goes bottoms-up and he finishes with "Or maybe he will." Pegg, it's worth remembering, denied flat-out that Khan was the villain of Star Trek Into Darkness. Understandably so - the whole film hinged on that being a surprise, which was a bizarrely one-note conceit. I don't know if we should expect him to keep lying... or if we can expect him to ever tell the truth. In any case, he's still rewriting the script with Doug Jung, production is a few months away and we won't see the film until next Summer so it's not hard to sympathise with the instinct of secrecy.
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