Six images from GREEN LANTERN, one new THOR still

Hot on the heels of that disappointing promo shot of the motion-captured Green Lantern costume (don't take our word for it - CHUD, and others hated it too), comes some slightly better stills from the film itself, courtesy of the inside pages of Friday's EW (via ifanboy). Sadly there's no further images of the Lantern costume, but there's plenty more Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan and our first look at Tim Robbins, Blake Lively, Angela Basset and the Elephant Man-style villain Dr. Hector Hammond, as portrayed by Peter Sarsgaard. Remember, they are saving Sinestro (Mark Strong) as the baddie for movie two. In this one he will be a mentor figure for Jordan. See six more images from Green Lantern after the jump (including the above one larger), along with another still from Thor, which we have so little promise for right now, we are relegating it to 'after the jump' news... Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan and our first look at the power ring? Reynolds alongside love interest Blake Lively, who plays Carol Ferris. The still answers a question we pondered on her initial casting - and that was whether the blonde would dye her hair or not. The answer it seems, was yes... Tim Robbins (Senator Hammond), Angela Bassett (Amanda Waller), Peter Sarsgaard (Hector Hammond) Hector Hammond, actually looking creepier than he does as The Elephant Man. Hammonds' lair. Green Lantern costume up-front, and it doesn't get any prettier does it? Amazingly, it's now pretty clear that the mask is PAINTED on! As Russ Fischer says at /film, and I couldn't put it better myself;

"while I can accept that a test pilot might gain possession of a willpower-channeling ring from space, with which he creates and maintains his own costume, the idea that he€™d paint on a harlequin mask as an afterthought just seems absurd."
And that new image from Thor we promised thanks to shh forums (via /film)
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