Skull Island To Explain King Kong's Fascination With Blondes

Plot details revealed for Legendary Pictures' new take on the loveable gorilla.

Legendary Pictures surprised the Comic Con hordes last summer with the sudden announcement of Skull Island, a new film "set in the world" of King Kong. As we've since learned, the film is a prequel, and will probably be called Kong: Skull Island to help the slow of thinking work out what it's all about. The giant monkey on the poster just won't be enough. A new report at Film Divider, which is mainly about Kong's recurring fixations upon young, American blonde women, has spilled a few more details of what the film's story will be; "Much of the film will be concerned with a rescue mission to the island," they say, adding, "One of the survivors of the doomed, pre-movie voyage will be revealed to have survived on the island and bonded with Kong as a baby. He€™s still outsized €“ and the story will provide an explanation of why." I think I can guess why, in fact. Whereas the 1933 Kong was about filmmakers and the 1976 Kong was about Big Oil, I've heard the rumour that Skull Island will feature a nefarious chemical company. That's the word, so how about that chemical plays some part in Kong's gigantism? It all makes sense to me. Arguably just as important to Kong's character as the big fella's enormity and ferocity is his attraction to Ann Darrow. Skull Island is apparently also going to explain the origins of these feelings in full-on Freudian fashion, with Film Divider's report saying, of that survivor who bonded with baby Kong, "she€™s been created in the image of Ann Darrow: young, blonde and beautiful." Skull Island is set for release in the US on March 10th, 2017; as I understand it, the UK date has yet to be confirmed.
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