SKYFALL Begins Filming First Scene In Grotty Toilet

Action was called for the first time on the new James Bond movie at 8.45am today.

Despite the cast revealing at the press conference on Thursday that filming was set to begin in Whitehall later that day, the official U.S. twitter feed for the next James Bond claims production actually began on Skyfall at 8.45AM UK time this morning. They even have the above picture to prove it, indicating that Scene 45 takes place in a grotty toilet which of course reminds one of the moment in Casino Royale when we see Bond getting ruthless on some guy in a bathroom. The official tweet reads;
8.45am, 07/11/11: 'Action!' was called for the first time on the 23rd James Bond movie, Skyfall. We are officially go!
How very exciting and did anyone else geek out when they read the names DIR: Sam Mendes and CAM: Roger Deakins? Holy crap, this is going to be awesome. You can read our thoughts from the Skyfall press conference last week HERE. In the mean time, another excuse for me to watch Michael Sullivan on his Road To Perdition just one more time today!
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