Slither director adopts Pets

James Gunn helming alien abduction movie, hopefully once again in 50's nostalgia tone!

Slither, the B-Movie esque 50's homage monster yarn starring Nathan Fillon and Elizabeth Banks for writer/director James Gunn. I can understand why so many of you haven't seen it, I mean hell I didn't go to the movies to see it either but I urge you to go out and rent the DVD, it's awesome! You won't have a more disgusting, terrifying and entertaining all together experience this year! So what next for Gunn, who is probably better known for being a script writer on the two Scooby Doo (although they sucked) movies and the really cool Dawn of the Dead remake? Variety say he is teaming up with New Regency to write and direct Pets, a comedy concerning a man abducted by aliens who want to turn him into a household pet. Oh man, Gunn and I really do share the same kind of love for the same things. Aliens, Monsters, Zombies and hell even Scooby Doo. He's my kind of geeky director and we are fulling backing his work on Obsessed With Film!

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