SMURFS eulogy

smurfsscan It's not quite a Smurfs eulogy article really. I'm not even really that unhappy with the first look (I expected much worse) from the part CGI animated/part live-action (think Alvin and the Chipmunks) movie coming Christmas 2010 at Columbia from the guy who gave us Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Scooby Doo 1 & 2 and Home Alone 3, it's just man, you wait until you see a Smurf and a real actor together, because when that day comes, I really don't think it's gonna be pretty. Damn this project. Damn it to hell. Seriously. I really wanted to see a studio give 2D animation a chance, and I thought The Smurfs was the perfect property to roll the dice on the gamble but alas they went the safe route once more which is probably commercially more viable but speaking as a film fan without any kids, it knocks the film right off my radar completely. I would have seen a 2D animated Smurfs film that looked just like an updated version of the classic cartoon. The show was dark, it wasn't no light fare, do you not remember the opening to the show?

Wouldn't you have paid your money to see that? Instead we get a bottom feeding Smurfs fest that every kid will drag their poor parents to see next Christmas, causing something of a mass hysteria. And what's with that tagline?
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