Snape's 16 Greatest Moments In The Harry Potter Series

After all this time? Always.

Alan Rickman was born to play Severus Snape, and he portrayed him spectacularly. Everything from his appearance to his annunciation of words was perfect and he was exactly how we all pictured Snape when we were reading the books. Rickman's full filmography reveals that he can pull off playing the perfect villain with depth and a perverse likability, which was just what Potterheads needed for someone like Snape. J.K.Rowling obviously knew that she needed an actor who was able to be both the bad guy and the good guy simultaneously, and Warner Bros' choice was pitch perfect. It was a joy to watch Rickman portraying the bitterness and the twisted loyalties of Snape and even now it's hard not to love to hate him, even knowing that his love for Lily drove him and of his loyalty to Dumbledore. Watching those heart-breaking scenes proved exactly why Rickman was so well cast. Alan Rickman, we are forever grateful for your portrayal of Severus Snape, always. and here's 16 reasons why.

16. When He Got Sassy With Professor Umbridge

Because we all wanted Umbridge dead before Voldemort ob... viously. It was nice to know that even Snape despised her as much as we did, especially seeing as how up until this point, we thought he was all for Voldemort taking over the world as well as the Ministry interfering at Hogwarts. Turns out he thought she was a right witch too and this is evident with the venom in Rickman's delivery of this one worded line. You can practically hear and feel the anger bubbling away under the surface and considering that all he has said is 'obviously' without even looking at her or raising his voice, that's a remarkable talent from Rickman.

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