Solo: A Star Wars Story - 52 Easter Eggs & References Explained

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Solo: A Star Wars Story is finally rolling out worldwide, and though critics aren't rating it among the best entries into the franchise, it's fair to say that Ron Howard has nevertheless delivered an enjoyable - if totally inessential - addition to the iconic series. Given the well-documented production troubles, it sure could've been a lot worse, that's for sure.

Typical of the franchise, Solo is absolutely jam-packed to the gills with nerdy references to not only previous movies, but also other Star Wars media both canonical and not - some of which are now basically canon after being introduced here - and also general pop-culture.

It is a movie where almost every single shot features something familiar for fans to keep their eyes and ears peeled for, and while we will surely have to wait until the Blu-ray release to spot every last obscure nod, these are the ones you should certainly keep an eye out for...


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