Sonic Movie: Don't Worry, Someone Has Fixed That Terrifyingly Wrong Design

Here's what you could have won...

Sonic Movie Fixed
Twitter/Aimee Cavalcante

You know you've done something wrong with your movie when the conversation about it online is mostly dominated by people improving it massively before it's even come out.

Such is the story with the upcoming Sonic live action movie. While Jim Carrey's performance might offer some hope and there's some fun to be had in his full-blown Robotnik design, the design of Sonic himself is not just a point of contention but one of outright ridicule.

Thank goodness, then, for digital artists like Aimée Cavalcante, who is one of the fans who took to their art supplies and fixed the creepy little blue guy to make him look a lot more like the games did. Here's the design she cleverly came up with...


Now, doesn't that look a lot better? Once you've seen the wider eyes, it's impossible to think anything other than this would be a good design. Which makes the fact that the live action version looks unnecessarily human-like and as weird as hell all the more disappointing.


Edward Pun also went a step further and did Sonic's whole body, replacing his weird hench legs with the more classic design and generally reminding us all how awful and wrong the movie version is but also how little would have to change to make it ok...


Hopefully, the studio will pay attention to the response these posts (and the many more like them) have picked up and will change Sonic's design before release. Unfortunately, though, it's unlikely, because it's so expensive.

Still, we can hope.

You can check out more of Aimée Cavalcante's work here.

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