Sonic The Hedgehog Movie: How It Sets Up A Sequel

How will THAT post-credit scene impact the next Sonic?


The anticipation that has been fair to middling for the new live action Sonic the Hedgehog movie so far is about to jump to simmer now that the worldwide release is well and truly underway.

And, while the film does have some major issues as a standalone movie, it does work extremely well in setting up the potential for a sequel or two.

The Sonic universe has a lot of material to turn to, especially when it comes to Sonic's friends, while the first film in the potential franchise spent a great deal of effort establishing an origin story for Dr Robotnik, otherwise known as 'Eggman'.

Thanks to a mid-credit sequence that focuses on the arrival of a fan favourite character, as well as the precarious position of the villainous Dr Robotnik, it is clear to see that planning for sequels has already taken place.

So let's explore just how the first Sonic movie sets up a potential follow up...

[SPOILERS ahead]

6. Dr Robotnik Turns Into 'the Eggman'.


It may have taken the whole film to set up, but by the end Dr Robotnik finally resembled the Eggman of the game and cartoons. It was an interesting decision to have Dr Robotnik as a more stereotypical moustache twirling villain for Sonic's first foray on the big screen, but the ending allows for a clean slate.

The sequels can now go full throttle on playing up the crazed and villainous side of the Eggman, especially now he is uninhibited by no longer working for the government.

Carrey can now be unleashed with the focus on his characte being more of an out and out villain rather than just an eccentric scientist. Being trapped on the Mushroom planet opens up a number of world-hopping possibilities, while having one last 'supersonic' spike in his possession will no doubt help with any future villainous plans.

It does feel like it is all set up for Dr Robotnik to unleash an all-out attack on the Earth, which will give future movies a chance to move outside the bubble of Green Hills. The budget for future sequels will definitely play a part here, as the action sequences through San Francisco would have taken a fair chunk of the money available.


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