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Film biopic likely to simply be titled 'Steve Jobs' as Sony make plans for the high-profile production.

On Friday, Sony acquired the film rights to the life of Apple co-founder and chairman Steve Jobs, just two days after his sad passing from pancreatic cancer last Wednesday. The studio bought the rights to Walter Isaacson's upcoming biography that was originally titled iSteve: The Book of Jobs but recently Simon & Schuster changed it to the rather less complicated 'Steve Jobs'. How quickly are Sony going to push through the biopic? That we don't yet know. What we can be sure of though is two days ago Sony went out and bought a bunch of URL registrations that probably hints that whenever they do go about making it the film will probably have a simple title. The eight registrations they have made are;,,,,,,, and
Sony however did decide NOT to go out and purchase or as the opportunistic people at Virginia web design company Stoneport LLC beat them to it and secured those shortly after Jobs stepped down as CEO of Apple a few months back. So now they have the URL and have the rights and with the biography the film is based on about to be released in stores - we await to see how swiftly Sony go ahead with making 'Steve Jobs' The Film. You would hope they would at the very least wait until the new year before putting a screenwriter on the film but it wouldn't surprise me if they have quickly hired someone already.
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