Sony To Adapt John Burdett's Sonchai Jitpleecheep Crime Novels

Studio registers three dozen domains that seem to confirm their acquisition of Burdett's Thailand set supernatural crime novel series.

Sony Pictures seem to have struck a deal with British crime writer John Burdett to adapt as many as four of his stories into films, including Bangkok Tattoo, Bangkok Haunts, The Godfather of Kathmandu and Vulture Peak, the latter to be published next year. The novels are part of what is commonly known as "The Sonchai Jitpleecheep" series, named after the Thai Buddhist detective protagonist who usually solves bizarre crimes often involving sexual matters such as Thailand's red light district. The character is described as an outsider (he spent his childhood in Europe and is son of an American) and Wiki detail his adventures;
They contain larger-than-life characters interwined with a wry sense of humour, and bizarre crimes. The crimes include execution by the release of a container full of cobra snakes, into a car where the driver is forcibly prevented from escaping (Bangkok 8), the theft of valuable tattoos (and their associated human skin) off the backs' of murder victims (Bangkok Tattoo), and homicide related to the production of a snuff video (Bangkok Haunts). Juxtaposed is the investigative nonchalance and Buddhist acceptance of an "arhat" detective who can earnestly meditate even in a Bangkok traffic-jam. Many popular shamanistic superstitions that have carried over into Buddhism in Thailand are explored. Past lives (reincarnation) andhungry ghosts also contribute to the atmosphere and texture.
Although Sony and Burdett are refusing to comment, Fusible report that as many as three dozen domain name variations of the three novels with the words 'film' and 'movie' were registered on Friday and it seems pretty clear a deal has been made. Back in 2007, Bangkok 8, the first book in the murder mystery series was acquired by Millennium Films with the intention of James McTeigue (V for Vendetta, Ninja Assassin) to direct a potential trilogy but the film never got off the ground. Presumably Millennium still own the rights to that novel as Sony didn't register a domain in relation to it but I imagine with Sony not doing a lot with the property they will try and strike a deal for it. The full list of domain registrations below;

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