Sony's Big Plans For Spider-Man's Future Revealed

What's life going to be like for Peter Parker after the MCU? Very different...


The fallout surrounding Sony's decision to part ways with Marvel Studios continues this week, as CEO Tony Vinciquerra came out to publicly declare that Spider-Man will be "just fine" away from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Vinciquerra also took the time to tease Sony's plans for the future of the franchise - informally referred to as the 'Venomverse' by most fans - in the years to come, and they sound completely different to anything Marvel had in mind.

Speaking to Variety at the publisher's Entertainment & Technology summit, Vinciquerra confirmed that, for now, "the door is closed" in regards to Spider-Man ever rejoining the Avengers in the MCU. That'll come as no surprise given Sony's emphatic response regarding the split two weeks ago, but for fans hopeful of a compromise between the two parties, the news is likely to come as a bit of a blow.

However, while the Sony chief was quick to confirm Spidey's separation with Marvel Studios, he was equally as quick to reiterate that the studio has big plans for the character. A mooted team up between Tom Holland's Spidey and Tom Hardy's Venom has been on the cards for the past few years now, but apart from that, further additions to last year's Into the Spider-Verse and various live action spin-offs in the months and years ahead, it appears as though Sony have another plan for the license - to branch out into television.


Variety's report mentions that Sony have "five or six" productions in the works surrounding Spidey's mythos. Whether this will impact any of the currently announced spin-offs is unclear, but it does illustrate that the studio still have designs to mine the license as much as possible; hence why Nightwatch is still apparently moving ahead. Because of course it is.


Between Silver Sable, Black Cat, Silk and Kraven the Hunter, Sony have a lot on their plate. As to who could appear in their shows? Well - anyone up for resurrecting that planned Aunt May spin-off? Anyone? Only a few? Well, that's better than nothing I suppose.

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