Sorry Del Toro Fans - Pacific Rim 2 Has A New Director

But it is now definitely happening.

For everybody who's been patiently awaiting news on Pacific Rim 2 (referred to in some unofficial circles as Pacific Rim: Maelstrom), we have good news and bad news; Guillermo Del Toro has taken to Twitter to announce a new director for the anticipated (?) sequel to Pacific Rim. The reins are to be handed over to former Daredevil showrunner Steven S. DeKnight, also known for producing Spartacus, Smallville and Angel. Pacific Rim 2 will be his first foray into feature film directing, but the sequel is arguably in the possession of some trustworthy hands. Del Toro appears to have played a big part in picking the man, and rightfully so, considering the franchise is entirely his baby. The news will be pleasing to fans of the first film, considering that in September 2015 the movie's production had stalled indefinitely. With a director now seemingly firmly in place, expect further developments soon, as Del Toro himself promises - although, this being Hollywood, any number of hiccups could occur between now and whenever they plan on getting this baby made. Are you excited for a Pacific Rim 2? What do you think of the choice of director? Are you hoping they'll call it Pacific Riim? Let us know in the comments below! Pacific Rim 2 currently has no release date set.

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