Southland Tales is nearly upon us. Final poster here!

Richard Kelly's sophomore effort is finally coming out soon. So why give us this confusing poster guys?

Southland Tales is finally nearing it's November U.S. release, albeit a limited one. Ya know, I feel really sorry for Richard Kelly, it must be really difficult to see your project go through all this crap and to constantly be tweaking it to make sure it's worthy enough for the studio to release it. It's probably why I'm wishing him well with his next project The Box because I wanna see more from this guy who seems to have a unique voice in the industry. Southland Tales which was suppose to be set in a futuristic 2008 (but it will now feel like present day) as the world stands on the brink of economic and social destruction. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson plays an actor stricken with amnesia, Sarah Michelle Gellar is an adult film-star (easy Boys) developing her own reality T.V. project and Seann William Scott plays a police officer who holds the key to unlock a great conspiracy. New poster below. It's kind of a weird one, but then that's been the whole case with this movie since day one...


source - aicn, cinematical
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