Space Invaders Gets A Writer

Warner Bros. find screenwriter to plan alien invasion.

spaceinvaders The adaptation of wrist-wrecking videogame Space Invaders has recently picked up speed and is proceeding to approach screens in a left to right, down, and then right to left fashion thanks to the arrival of screenwriter Dan Kunka who has climbed aboard, so sayeth Deadline. Not having much to his name already in terms of actually developed films, Kunka's biggest and frankly craziest sounding claim to fame is his development of Yellowstone Falls, which was sat on the Hollywood Black List shelf for some time. Sounding like a property that audiences would most certainly dive on, that little writing gig focussed on wolves fighting the undead in a battle to the death. With that aforementioned effort in mind, hopefully there's something that the studio saw in Kunka's take on rotting flesh vs. fur that could prove profitable for the arcade classic. Though this is ultimately a film that is riding on the familiarity of a brand to get attention, properties that have come before that have proven that in the right hands it could be so much more. If you'd have told me a year ago that there'd be uproar over a Lego film not getting an Oscar nomination, I'd have eaten a bucket of bricks there and then. Consider that awesome adaptation and there's a chance that Space Invaders could be worth playing, or watching or whatever when it arrives. Now, about that Yellowstone Park...
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