Spawn: Todd McFarlane Wants Leonardo DiCaprio To Star

Maybe don't hold your breath, though...

Spawn Leonardo DiCaprio

Not so long ago, the idea of Tom Hardy playing Venom would have been unthinkable, particularly with the movie existing outside of the MCU, but that casting has clearly changed the perception of which actors might be suitable to join similar movies.

Or at least that can be the only explanation behind Todd McFarlane's open courting of Leonardo DiCaprio to play a key lead in the forthcoming Spawn reboot.

After the film was FINALLY confirmed to be happening at Comic Con, director McFarlane followed his usual trend of talking a lot by linking the project to the stellar star. Speaking to Vulture, McFarlane admitted that he even had him in mind when writing the film:

"Given that the big lead was Twitch when I was writing, I had Leonardo DiCaprio in my head. I don't know if people have seen The Wolf of Wall Street, but there is a manicness in him, he was going up and down, and up and down, and up and down; it was almost dizzying, emotionally, to go with him. And there are parts in this movie where I'm going to need an actor to be able to make those moves. Both in terms of normality, in terms of manic, in terms of anger, and in terms of joy - and be able to go to some extremes in it."

Talk about reaching for the stars.

Weirdly, that's not an image traditionally associated with Detective Twitch Williams, who McFarlane would have DiCaprio play, so it seems he's changed the character from his own creative image for the movie. And while that might worry purist fans, at least he's shooting for a top line star to justify the changes.


Just don't expect it to be DiCaprio: there's absolutely no way studio Blumhouse could afford him.

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