Spectre Reviews: 11 Early Reactions You Need To Know

The critics have spoken. Does Spectre live up to Skyfall's brilliance?

Spectre will shortly be hitting UK cinemas before arriving in the US thereafter on November 6th, and it's heading to Bond fans among a tidal wave of hype following the brilliance of Sam Mendes' first stab at the franchise, Skyfall. Much has been made of the various plot leaks which came out shortly prior to filming, as well as the ridiculously talented cast, and of course, the question still lingering over the "real" identity of Christoph Waltz's villain. Now, there won't be any major, overt spoilers here (though we will certainly be discussing the overall state of the film, so bear that in mind), but the early reviews from this past Wednesday's UK press screening give a pretty clear picture of what to expect from what could be Daniel Craig's final outing as the legendary spy. It's currently batting at an impressive 90%-ish on Rotten Tomatoes, with an average score sitting at around the 7/10 mark, though we'll get an even more defined view of things in the next few days as U.S. critics start to see the film and a bigger consensus forms. Still, the mob has spoken pretty decisively already, noting how Spectre compares to Skyfall, the strength of the performances and roles, and of course, the inevitable nagging issues. Here are 11 consensus reactions you need to know from the early Spectre reviews...

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